7 – sinflar

folderIngliz tili fanidan namunaviy dars ishlanmalar 6 sinflar uchun.

O’qituvchi Sadikov N.

Apple day

Bargain for the best price


Constitution of Uzbekistan

Control work

Customers’ rights

Dear Abby … please help me

Girls in sport

Great Britain

Have you taken a tablet

How do I get to…

I like kurash. So do I.

I’ve got pain in my …

It’s a big world

Language centre


My favorite kind of sport

My favorite sportsman

National costumes

Olympic symbols

Places to go Presentation

Project2 Project


Pronunciation and grammar exercises 2

Pronunciation and grammar exercises

Pronunciation and Grammar, Review

Reading Sport in our life

Reading the text The Olympic games

Shopping centres

Speaking 2

Speaking Dialogue


Sport for and against

Sports at school

Symbols of Uzbekistan

Teenage champions

Test 2

Test 3

The millennium games

The origin of Olympic games

The president’s cup

Uzbekistan and the olympics


What size do you take

What’s made of


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  • Thank u very much. Could get valuable info from ur site. Could u plz upload lesson plans (konspekty)for circle acivities (to’garaklar)


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