6 – sinflar

folderIngliz tili fanidan namunaviy dars ishlanmalar 6 sinflar uchun. O’qituvchi Sadikov N.

A wedding in Fergana

An English house

Control work

Jobs around the house

Lesson 6. Project.

Listening a dialogue

Reading. A family.


Tidy up your room 2

Tidy up your room

Uzbek and English weddings

Welcome to my home

Are your animals healthy

Asking questions

Can you cook palov

Control work 2

Control work – progress check

Control work

Food for special days

Grammar Past and present simple

Homes, yesterday and today

Lesson 6 Project

Listening How much is it

Pronunciation and grammar exercises

Reading at the grocery

Reading My day yesterday

Reading shopping

Review 1


Speaking my birthday

Speaking Where can I buy


The best day in my life

There are a lot of vegetables

Uzbek houses

Whose sandwich is this

Writing a birthday card

Writing A shop poster

Writing at the market

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