My lesson plan on theme «Merry Christmas» + photos of the lesson

my-lesson-plan-appLesson Plan for the 8th Grades

Date: 14.09.2016

Theme: Merry Christmas!

Skills to be developed: Reading, speaking, writing, listening

Class management: Plenary, Individual work, Group work, Pair work

Educational; Talking about Christmas activities; Listening for detailed and specific information; Reading for pleasure;

Developing; to compare Christmas celebrations in the UK and the USA with New Year celebrations in Uzbekistan using ‘and’ to join similar sentences and ‘but’ to join sentences with contrast;to practise listening and reading (homework) for detailed information;to practise word building: recognise, form and use noun+noun combina­tions;to learn a famous Christmas sonq (Jingle Rells);Socio-cultural: Learning about Christmas and New Year in the UK/US. Download this file

IMG_20160915_105110 IMG_20160915_104931 IMG_20160915_104834 IMG_20160915_104712 IMG_20160915_104711 IMG_20140116_020616 IMG_20140116_020620 IMG_20160915_104708  IMG_20140116_020439 IMG_20140116_020617

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