My lesson plan on theme «Toshqo’rg’on».

my-lesson-plan-appLesson Plan for the 7th Grades

Date: 05.09.2016

Theme: Toshqo’rg’on

Skills to be developed: Reading, speaking, writing, listening

Class management: Plenary, Individual work, Group work, Pair work


Educational; Talking about famous places in Uzbekistan; Listening for main ideas; Reading for detailed information; Writing a connected paragraph about places;

Developing; to revise there is/ it is ;to listen for main ideas; to read for detail; to write a connected paragraph; to give a short speech about an interesting local place;

Socio-cultural: Learning about famous places in Uzbekistan & hometown; Making a speech Editing: (finding & correcting mistakes).

Vocabulary and structures:New Qualification: not very, a bit, a little, quite, very, very, very; Pronunciation: [s], [z]; Recycled There is … It is … There are … They are …;dinosaur, village, mountain, valley,castle, stone, blossom, footprint.

Materials: Books, cards, pictures, letters

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